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Call for Rapid-Fire Presentations

FMDA’s Version of TED Talks
From Novice to Expert: Rapid-Fire Presentations

FMDA invites you to submit Abstract proposals for Best Care Practices in the Post-Acute & Long-Term Care Continuum 2023, Oct. 19-22, 2023, at Rosen Shingle Creek Orlando.

Based on the success of previous TED Talk-type presentations, we are inviting medical, nursing, and pharmacist practitioners, fellows, residents, and students to a 60-minute session where each one will have 5- to 10-minutes to deliver their presentation. Abstracts are TED-like talks on topics related to research, health care delivery, medical/nursing/pharmacist ethics, etc., in the PALTC continuum. Submissions should be based on the areas of interest to nursing home medical directors, physicians, advanced practice nurses, physician assistants, consultant pharmacists, and other professionals with issues related to PALTC.

Abstracts are personal. The only reason to give an Abstract is that you feel passionate about something, and your sense of purpose creates an energy boost for both you and your audience.

Abstracts are intended to take us on a journey. As the speaker shares his or her transition from ignorance to understanding of some important truth, we follow along in his or her footsteps. Abstracts are also about the process of realizing how you’re going to get there.

Abstracts are concise. Because times are short, speakers have generally done the hard work of cutting out any extraneous ideas. Ideally, every word counts — and that’s very different from the public speaking most of us are used to!

And last but not least, Abstracts feel important. Almost every speech presents an “ah-hah!” moment, and recounts with great intensity what it feels like to break through a problem in your mind. The problems themselves are often weighty — but even when they’re not, hearing about a breakthrough moment makes you feel that something big is at stake.

The top scoring Rapid-Fire Presentation will be designated the Abstract of the Year and receive $500.

FMDA will only accept proposals submitted using the online submission system. Please do not submit a proposal unless you can be available to present on any day of the conference.